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Lighted Makeup Mirrors & Magnifying Mirrors

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Use a makeup mirror from beauty brands when applying or blending your favorite cosmetics. With a lighted makeup mirror, you'll get a consistent light source to avoid uneven application of foundation. By using a magnifying mirror, focusing on finer details such as drawing the perfect cupids bow with lip liner will be a breeze. Grab a handheld mirror to check your flawless face from all angles to be sure your makeup is thoroughly blended.

Keep a makeup mirror in your purse for on-the-go lip gloss touch ups. A lighted makeup mirror will highlight too little or too much blush.

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Use a makeup mirror to help you spot fine hairs when tweezing.

We have makeup mirrors to complement your beauty routine and lifestyle at beauty brands. Use a lighted makeup mirror for a brighter facial view that is free of shadows. With a magnifying mirror, men and women can enjoy a detailed view for close-up grooming such as tweezing eyebrows. And pick up a handheld mirror to check your makeup application from all angles.

Grab a makeup mirror along with your cosmetics bag when it's time to get glammed up for a night out with friends. Turn on your lighted makeup mirror to illuminate your eyes when creating the perfect wing with eyeliner. Also, peak at a magnifying mirror to make sure your eyeshadow and mascara look amazing. Grab your handheld mirror for one final makeup check before throwing on your heels and heading out the door.
Products 1 - 13 of 13