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Smashbox Lip Gloss & Lip Plumper

Smashbox Lip Pencils, Long Wear Lip Color & Lip Liners

Smashbox lipstick gives you the high-style color you want, and the healthy moisture your lips need. Choose from Smashbox lip gloss and a variety of other great professional lip makeup products from Smashbox, all designed to help you create a sexy pout without drying out lips or leaving them feeling tacky. From lip plumper that adds volume, to lipstick that gives you a gorgeous punch of color, beauty brands has the right Smashbox products for you. Choose from lip pencils, long wear lip color and more, and get started on creating camera-ready lips.

With Smashbox lipstick it's easy to get sexy, moisturized lips in eye-catching shades. You'll also find Smashbox lip gloss, lip liners and a variety of other Smashbox products, here at beauty brands.

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Smashbox lipstick hydrates and nourishes while adding stylish color.

Smashbox lipstick uses moisturizing formulas, available at beauty brands in a range of luxurious, stylish colors for every occasion. With everything from Smashbox lip gloss to lip liners, this selection includes what you need to get gorgeous, kissable lips. You'll find lip plumper that adds volume and fullness without invasive procedures or painful injections. Lip pencils are also available, providing you with long-lasting definition that keeps your lip color in place.

Smashbox lipstick products use healthy, nourishing ingredients like vitamins A and E and shea butter to add hydration while giving you the perfect touch of color. Smashbox lip gloss comes in an assortment of non-tacky formulas that give you high shine performance and a silky smooth texture that you'll love. You'll also find lip plumper, made with highly effective botanical ingredients that create a perfectly plump pout with nonstop natural color and shine. Add lip pencils to your beauty routine to give you gorgeous definition that prevents your lip color from feathering and fading.
Products 1 - 16 of 16