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Tarte Foundation & Bronzer

Tarte Makeup Brushes & Face Mineral Powder

Using tarte face makeup leaves your skin healthy, smooth and looking beautiful, without the use of harmful synthetic ingredients. All tarte products, including tarte foundation products, are made with paraben free, phthalate free formulas that nourish your skin. From bronzer to face mineral powder, tarte offers you a line of face makeup products that use healthy, natural ingredients to create a flawless complexion. Choose from makeup brushes and a variety of other best selling tarte products, available at beauty brands.

Choose from tarte face makeup in an assortment of best selling products that you'll love. You'll find tarte foundation, concealer, mineral powder and much more, in healthy beneficial formulas for every skin type.

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When you use tarte face makeup your skin is left healthy and beautiful.

With tarte face makeup, you get incredible coverage in a selection of healthy, natural formulas that are good for your skin. All tarte foundation uses the finest quality ingredients and, like the rest of the tarte cosmetic line, they are paraben and phthalate free. This selection includes bronzer, face mineral powder, tinted moisturizers and an assortment of other best selling tarte face makeup products. Don't forget makeup brushes to help you perfectly apply your tarte foundation, giving you gorgeous results you can count on.

Each tarte face makeup product uses a variety of effective high-performance naturals™ to give your skin professional performance, without unhealthy synthetic ingredients. You'll find tarte foundation that's made with Amazonian clay, intuitively adjusting to address complexion concerns and giving you a flawless complexion. Our bronzer gives you that radiant, healthy glow that you love, any time of year. From makeup brushes to concealer, beauty brands has tarte professional makeup products for all of your beauty needs.
Products 1 - 24 of 26