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NIOXIN Scalp Healing Treatments & Hair Repairing Treatments

NIOXIN Deep Repair Hair Masques & Restorative Hair Treatments

Use top-quality NIOXIN scalp healing systems from beauty brands to restore moisture and refresh your scalp and hair. Our scalp repairing treatments are professionally formulated to gently cleanse the scalp and hair, and these scalp recovery products can include sunscreen to protect the hair and scalp from harmful UV rays. We carry NIOXIN hair treatments for an array of hair types, from fine and thinning hair to chemically treated or coarse hair. Try one of our professional hair care kits made with white tea extract and peppermint oil for a reinvigorating hair care treatment that leaves your hair feeling healthy and soft.

Salon NIOXIN scalp healing systems can help strengthen hair against damage and breakage. Gentle scalp repairing treatments cleanse, condition and refresh the scalp.

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Our NIOXIN scalp healing systems include multi-part professional hair care kits formulated specifically for thinning, fine or chemically-treated hair.

Top-notch NIOXIN scalp healing systems at beauty brands collect the best treatment products for thinning, chemically-treated, fine, medium and coarse hair. Look for scalp repairing treatments made with antioxidants and botanicals that clean and refresh the scalp. Salon-quality NIOXIN hair treatments can help strengthen hair against damage and breakage while protecting the scalp from the sun. We carry three-part professional hair care kits that help fine hair look thicker and give it all-over strength and shine.

Use NIOXIN scalp healing systems to gently and effectively cleanse away follicle-clogging residues and other trapped impurities. Specially formulated volumizing scalp repairing treatments create thicker-looking hair while restoring hair to its proper hydration. Try our professional NIOXIN hair treatments and your scalp and hair will feel clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. Along with professional hair care kits, look for other healing hair treatments like our deep repairing masques that fend off damage to color-treated hair and offer longevity and vitality.
Products 1 - 11 of 11