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Manicure Sticks, Foot File & Nail Buffer Block

Use manicure tools and pedicure tools from beauty brands and friends will swear you've spent a full weekend at the spa being pampered from head-to-toe. Choose salon pedicure tools like our OPI Feet Callus File, a dual-grit tool that features an easy-to-grip handle. Find manicure sticks made of durable birchwood that are versatile, reusable, and help to clean hard-to-reach areas of the nail. Try a salon nail buffer block like our Star Nail White Buffer Block to polish nails to a high gloss shine while you're smoothing out bumps and rough spots.

Make professional manicure tools a part of your at-home nail kit to achieve that just-back-from-the-salon look right at home! Look for pedicure tools and vital foot tools like our heavy-duty, double-sided foot files.

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Our manicure tools shape, smooth and help to give your nails a shimmering high gloss finish.

When you need manicure tools that are salon-quality and safe and easy to use, search the salon beauty products at beauty brands. Look for pedicure tools like our OPI Feet Callus File, which smooths feet quickly using two professional-grade grits. You'll find manicure sticks that are durable and constructed to last, and these vital manicure products are essential for every home nail kit. Invest in a professional nail buffer block to buff and shine your nails to a shimmering high gloss.

Choose manicure tools like our Tweezerman Stainless Steel 1/4 Rockhard Cuticle Nipper, the prefect professional tool for trimming ragged cuticles and hangnails. Along with pedicure tools, look for salon-quality foot files like our Star Nail Red Foot File, which helps to soften rough and dry feet. Stock up on manicure sticks such as our Star Nail Birchwood Manicure Sticks, which are versatile, reusable sticks that can be used to clean under and around the nail, and tackle other hard-to-reach areas. With a professional nail buffer block like our Star Nail White Buffer Block you'll buff away rough spots and bumps and get a glam-finish in no time!
Products 1 - 24 of 41