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$14.99 Liter Sale save up to 72%
$14.99 Liter Sale save up to 72%

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CND Base Coat Polish

CND Top Coat Polish & Cuticle Oil

CND nail polish from beauty brands features dazzling colors that fit every mood and style, and our professional nail polish products also include salon-quality base coat polishes, top coat polishes and cuticle oils. Start with a CND base coat polish like our CND Stickey, a soft-but-tough base coat that promotes healthy nails as it holds down color. After painting, use a CND top coat polish like our CND Speedey, a quick-drying top coat that seals and protects nails against fading and discoloration. Choose professional cuticle oil that penetrates deeply and moisturizes the nails and skin thoroughly.

Try a CND nail polish that delivers high gloss and eye-catching sparkle, like our Gold Pear, Jade Sparkle or Lavender Pearl nail polishes from our dazzling Shimmer line. Use a CND base coat polish, then dive into a vibrant nail polish from our Reds collection, like Fireberry, Bloodline or Scarlet Letter. Finish nails with a CND top coat polish like our Super Shiney top coat polish which guards color while delivering scratch-resistance. Along with cuticle oil, look for other professional nail care products like our Almond Hydrating Lotion which helps restore essential moisture and leaves fingers and hands velvety-smooth.

CND nail polish glides on evenly, smoothly and dries quickly. Glamorous nails start with CND base coat polish and end with our professional, salon-quality CND top coat polish.

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Treat nails to CND nail polish, and choose from dazzling collections like our vibrant Reds, Blues and Greens, or add sparkle with a salon nail polish from our glittering Shimmer collection.

CND nail polish delivers vibrant color and long-lasting wearability and our professional nail polishes, top coats and base coats will make your friends swear you've spent the day at the city's top salon. Start with CND base coat polish for the perfect, salon-quality foundation for glamorous nails. Apply a CND top coat polish to lock your favorite nail polish into place for worry-free wear throughout the day. Purchase cuticle oil, nail polish or any other beauty product from beauty brands and you'll receive three FREE samples with your online order.

Before brushing on CND nail polish, be sure to use a salon CND base coat polish like our CND Stickey base coat. This CND base coat polish is a three-free base coat that's soft but durable and tough. Like our CND top coat polish, this professional base coat polish holds down the color and helps to prevent chipping, peeling and breaking. Along with cuticle oil, a CND base coat polish is an essential part of your nail care kit, and our base coat also promotes healthier nails and prevents surface staining of natural nails and enhancements.

Use CND nail polish from beauty brands and then brush on a salon-quality CND top coat for extra nail protection, such as our Super Shiney top coat polish. Like our CND base coat polish, this professional top coat polish guards against color loss, and this exceptional top coat seals the color and protects it against fading and discoloration. A professional CND top coat polish also delivers scratch-resistant shine and can help absorb ultraviolet light. Buy cuticle oil along with a CND top coat polish for salon-looking nails in between manicures.

Glide on a CND nail polish from our vibrant Reds collection, like our tempting Fireberry, Bloodline, or Scarlet Letter nail polishes. Use a CND base coat polish, and then try a daring nail polish from our Darks line, like Raisin in the Sun, Desert Suede, Oilslick, Inkwell, or Silver Chrome. Right before applying CND top coat polish, paint your nails with glittering nail polish like Gold Pearl, Copper Shimmer, Jade Sparkle or Lavender Pearl from our sparkling Shimmer collection. Invest in professional cuticle oil like our CND SolarOil, which is a deeply penetrating cuticle treatment that conditions and protects skin and nails using a unique blend of oils, including jojoba and vitamin E.
Products 1 - 20 of 20