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Origins Ginger Burst Body Wash
Origins Ginger Burst Body Wash Origins Ginger Burst Body Wash Origins Natural Body Cleanser, Ginger Burst Shower Gel & Origins Skin Care Products Clean up with this Origins cleanser manufactured with renewable resources such as wind energy so you know the production of your professional body wash isn’t making a negative impact on the environment. Your Origins body wash produces a rich lather that soothes your skin while gently cleansing and imparting a citrusy fragrance.
Origins Ginger Burst Body Wash & Salon Skin Cleanser
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Professional Body Wash, Paraben Free Body Scrub & Origins Skin Care Products

Use this Origins cleanser to take your shower up a notch and rejuvenate not only your skin, but your mood. This Origins body wash at beauty brands invigorates with a lemon, lime and bergamot scent while warm ginger soothes your skin.

Lather up this Origins cleanser to wash away impurities. The aromatic Origins body wash also soothes skin using warm ginger.

This Earth-friendly Origins cleanser is made using renewable resources such as harnessing the power of wind energy.

Gentle yet effective, this Origins cleanser leaves skin feeling squeaky clean, refreshed and soothed. This Origins body wash features a fragrance mixture of lemon, lime and bergamot with a hint of warm ginger. In this professional body wash available at beauty brands there are no harmful materials such as paraben, phthalates, propylene glycol and PABA.

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