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Hempz Best Body Moisturizers & Body Butters

Post your own Hempz reviews after purchasing spa-quality Hempz body butters, body lotions or bath or shower gels from beauty brands, and let other shoppers know your thoughts about our fine Hempz products. Choose a top rated Hempz body wash and gently remove trapped dirt, oil and other impurities while restoring and balancing your skin's moisture. The best body moisturizers and bath and shower products from Hempz are made with premium ingredients, such as 100% pure organic hemp seed oil and silk amino acids. Smooth on a healing body butter and experience deep hydration instantly.

Written by customers, Hempz reviews provide unabashed opinions of our Hempz body moisturizers, shower gels and bath soaps. Quickly find a top rated Hempz body wash by glancing at the pink star rating.

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Use our Hempz reviews to determine the very best Hempz body moisturizers and body washes for your skin type and skin tone.

Peruse Hempz reviews from beauty brands and use these thoughtful opinions to determine the perfect body washes, lotions, butters and moisturizer products for you. Discover top rated Hempz body wash products that you can use daily, and these spa-quality gentle cleansers leave skin feeling refreshed, conditioned and invigorated. The best body moisturizers restore skin's softness without leaving a greasy residue, and many of our body lotions and other fine body products are paraben-free and gluten-free. Try an innovative body butter product from Hempz for deep hydration, and these professional body butters are ideal fro rough, dry and cracking skin.

Along with written Hempz reviews, beauty brands includes star reviews using a one to five star rating system, and these pink star ratings provide at-a-glance assessments of Hempz body products. Splash on a top rated Hempz body wash in the shower or bath and follow-up with a Hempz body lotion made with 100% pure organic hemp seed oil. Many of the best body moisturizers are scented with jasmine, peach, wild rose, vanilla or other natural fragrances that enliven the senses. Choose a Hempz body butter and for deep-cleansing, try a Hempz exfoliating body scrub that quickly removes dead skin cells and leaves skin looking smooth and luminous.
Products 1 - 24 of 60