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RUSK Freezing Spray
RUSK Freezing Spray RUSK Freezing Spray & Professional Hairspray RUSK Professional Hairspray, RUSK Salon Hairspray & Best RUSK Hair Products Your tresses deserves RUSK salon hairspray when it's time for an anti humidity hair spray that is quick-drying and flake-free. In addition, this freeze hair spray delivers on shine while shaping and defining your 'do.
RUSK Hairspray, RUSK Firm Hold Hairspray
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RUSK Freezing Spray
Choose RUSK hairspray to define your favorite looks. The best hairspray is a quick-drying, flake-free formula that makes it easy to define and shape your style. This firm hold hairspray also resists humidity and doesn't fade color. The RUSK professional hairspray complements the rest of the RUSK hair products in our selection.

Defy gravity with RUSK hairspray. The best hairspray is long-lasting salon hairspray that shapes and defines hairstyles.

Use RUSK hairspray to cut the frizz and add shine to hair.

With RUSK hairspray, create favorite looks that last. The best hairspray, RUSK salon hair products resist humidity to cut down on frizz, while shaping and defining your do. The firm hold hairspray also won't build up as it adds shine. Use this RUSK salon hairspray with other RUSK hair products to leave hair looking and feeling healthy.
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  • Reviewed by Kathryn the glistening
    From St. Louis, Missouri
    Reviewed on 7/8/2017

    RUSK Freezing Spray


    If you live in a humid area...this is your savior!

    I got this spray in a sample pack and was absolutely gobsmacked at the hold! I live in Missouri where humidity is just a daily part of life in the summer. Anytime I have bought a spray to hold my hair during this sticky season, either it doesn't work or it leaves my hair feeling crinkly and hard. This spray held my hair looking naturally while working for 8 hours, outside with extremely high humidity! I tell everyone I know about it! It's pricey for a bargain shopper like me but but well worth it!

    my beauty routine takes:

    30 Minutes

    bottom line



    • Easy To Use
    • Effective
    • Lightweight
    • Smells Great


    best uses

    • Anytime you need your hair to HOLD!!!
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