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RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray
RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray & Salon Hair Spray Professional Flexible Hairspray, RUSK Hair Spray, Finishing Spray & Salon Hair Product RUSK Hairspray combines a professional volume spray and salon texture hairspray in one, so your tresses will look and feel great. Use this shine spray to add vibrancy to your locks.

Use RUSK Hairspray for extra-firm control.

Build volume with RUSK Hairspray from beauty brands. The included shine spray gives your hair vibrancy that is long-lasting. Enjoy this salon texture hairspray when you want to create texture without having to deal with sticky residue. Show off with this professional volume spray that leaves your locks feeling soft and natural.
RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray & Professional Hair Shine Spray

Salon Texture Hairspray, RUSK Professional Volume Spray & Hair Styling Spray

Try RUSK Hairspray from beauty brands for a long-lasting hold and touchably soft tresses. Benefits include professional shine spray and salon texture hairspray in one.

Get long-lasting hold with RUSK Hairspray. Try this shine spray for luminous hair.

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13072 RUSK Being Sexy Hairspray $15.99

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