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Saphira Mineral Hairspray Medium Hold
Saphira Mineral Hairspray Medium Hold Saphira Mineral Hairspray Medium Hold Saphira Hairspray, Salon Hairspray, Professional Hairspray & Best Saphira Hair Products Spritz on Saphira hairspray to create favorite looks. The salon hairspray is a medium hold hairspray that provides radiant shine, UV protection and long-lasting, elastic hold.

Saphira hairspray helps create memorable looks.

Add Saphira hairspray to your everyday routine. The salon hairspray is the perfect finisher with long-lasting, elastic medium hold. The medium hold hairspray also strengthens hair and leaves it shining. Pair the professional hairspray with other Saphira salon hair products for healthy looking and feeling hair.
Saphira Hairspray, Saphira Medium Hold Hairspray

Saphira Salon Hairspray, Best Professional Hairspray & Saphira Hair Products

With Saphira hairspray, add radiant shine to your hair. Also with this salon hairspray, create elastic hold that lets hair bounce back. The medium hold hairspray enriches with 26 Dead Sea minerals, fighting frizz and strengthening hair at the roots. The professional hairspray also offers UV protection.

Saphira hairspray does more than provide a medium hold. The salon hairspray strengthens hair at the roots, fights frizz and offers UV protection.

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16460 Saphira Mineral Hairspray Medium Hold $28.99

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