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Gradual Self Tanners & Bronzing Lotion

Self Face Tanners, Bronzing Mousse & Bronzing Spray

Self tanners can give you a golden glow in as little as three minutes during your shower routine. If you prefer, gradual self tanners can be used before your daily shower, and they develop color over the next several hours. Using bronzing lotion for the delicate skin on your face also hydrates, brightens and evens your complexion. If you prefer bronzing mousse, the lightweight and easy-to-apply formula gives you an instant glow.

Lotion and spray self tanners have nourishing oils to help skin glow, and come in a variety of scents. For a natural glow, gradual self tanners sculpt, tone and hydrate while building your color to a healthy looking tan. For a boost of color, bronzing lotion works instantly and is lightweight on your skin. St. Tropez gives you many choices for getting the outdoor color you love.

Get a fast tan with self tanners in lotions, mousses, sprays, creams or other formulas. Gradual self tanners feature a slower, more subtle shift in your skin tone over several applications.

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Lightweight and hydrating self tanners come in formulas including lotions, sprays, mousses and towelettes.

Self tanners come in sprays that adjust to your skin tone, so you can choose your look while you spray at any angle for those hard-to-reach spots. To enhance gradual self tanners or give your tan a boost, try a body gloss spray for a healthy shine. Bronzing mousse gives you an instant streak-fee deep tan in just 60 seconds. Some St. Tropez tanning products are available in handy travel sizes, so you can tan or touch up your tan no matter where you are.

For a deep tan, self tanners are available in extra dark that gives your skin a flawless finish. For deep gradual self tanners, use the product several days in a row and the layering darkens with each application. Bronzing lotion also gives a dark, rich tan, with extra hydration built in for glowing skin. Lightweight bronzing mousse gives a streak-free finish that lasts for days and fades evenly.

If you prefer a lighter glow, self tanners allow you to customize your color by how long you leave the product on your skin. Gradual self tanners give you color control depending on how many days in a row you apply it. Tans from the bronzing lotion and other tanners will fade gradually over several days. And don’t forget self face tanners that give you a perfect color on your most delicate skin without drying it out or causing sun damage.

For outdoor radiance, self tanners are often water-based to allow easier color blending. Gradual self tanners also work to give you the look of a long vacation day after day. If you prefer the deepest color, bronzing lotion provides the darkest shades while moisturizing your skin for a healthy glow. St. Tropez gives you a lot of choices to maintain the look of outdoor health no matter where you live or vacation.
Products 1 - 24 of 24