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Soniclear Brushes & Sonic Eraser

Face Brushes, Soniclear Brush Heads & Makeup Sponge

The best skincare tools help you keep your skin cleansed more thoroughly than is possible with a washcloth. These waterproof battery-powered face brushes exfoliate without stretching your skin. The Soniclear brushes, which pulse instead of spin, have non-slip handles and can be used in the shower. And use the makeup sponge for perfect blending to give your cleansed skin a flawless finish.

When you use the best skincare tools, your friends and coworkers will think you’ve spent a weekend at the spa. Face brushes deliver gentle cleansing to delicate skin. You can choose soft Soniclear brushes for your face, and different brushes for rougher areas, like elbows and feet. Once you’re scrubbed, the makeup sponge applies lotions or foundation smoothly.

For clean skin, the best skincare tools leave you feeling like you’ve just had a wonderful facial. These pulsing face brushes unclog pores and flush away trapped dirt and oils, and the makeup sponges apply foundation flawlessly.

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Invest in the best skincare tools for youthful and healthier looking skin.

The best skincare tools include pulsing brushes with a variety of heads to take care of you from head to toe. Face brushes, which care for your most delicate skin, have extra-soft bristles. These Soniclear brushes are also available to apply serums and creams onto your skin. Soniclear brush heads can be changed to different types for your rougher skin areas, like elbows and feet.

For facial hair, the best skincare tools include a dermaplaning device that removes peach fuzz along with dead skin for a smooth, radiant complexion. Face sponges or brushes can then be used to apply foundation in a precise manner, whether you use power, liquid or cream makeup. Soniclear brushes reduce the formation of bacteria on the brush heads, which extends the life of the brush. Soniclear brush heads include the Sonic Eraser, which enhances the results of anti-aging products.

Reducing fine lines with the best skincare tools means using the Sonic Eraser, which improves facial brightness, firmness and hydration. The anti-aging creams can be applied with face brushes, which spread lotions more evenly than when you use your fingers. The Soniclear brushes can also be used to clean different areas of the body, or to apply lotions or makeup. And don’t forget: Soniclear brush heads used for makeup should be cleaned weekly with brush cleaner.

For faster cosmetic application, the best skincare tools include a sonic makeup brush that fills flaws without clumping makeup. Face brushes like this let you use less makeup for a more radiant, natural look. The Soniclear brushes for makeup application apply product more evenly, and allow you to layer makeup to get the right shading and contour. Use Soniclear brush heads at the end of the day to properly remove makeup, and keep your skin and pores clear and clean.
Products 1 - 18 of 18