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Scented body lotions from beauty brands treat your skin while indulging your desire for luxury. A perfume lotion from Philosophy takes the scents of the best designer perfumes and combines it with a unique antioxidant formula for caring for your skin. These fragrance lotions lock in the all-important moisture while caressing you with a mixture of vitamin E, aloe and natural oils. The best perfumed body lotion leaves you feeling silky smooth and delightfully soft.

You deserve scented body lotions that indulge your spirit while repairing and rejuvenating your skin. We have perfume lotion, whipped body creams and body emulsions, each with the unmistakably lovely fragrances of Philosophy designer perfumes. Fragrance lotions make you feel as clean and fresh as if you just stepped out of the shower with a scent you’ll enjoy all day. We have a perfumed body lotion that will nurture even the driest skin, making you feel vibrant and alive.

Scented body lotions from Philosophy are inspired by their most popular designer perfumes. A perfume lotion goes on smooth and refreshing and leaves you smelling beautiful.

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Scented body lotions moisturize and protect, making your skin softer and more resilient.

Scented body lotions from Philosophy indulge the senses and caress the spirit, and beauty brands has a full range of body creams and lotions with the scents of the most popular designer perfumes. A perfume lotion will do wondrous things for your skin while also treating you with enticing fragrances. Fragrance lotions from Philosophy have the same popular scents as their body perfumes and sprays. Perfumed body lotion opens up a new realm of scented possibilities.

Scented body lotions are the perfect way to start your day or to get ready for a magical night on the town. Our perfume lotion selection includes antioxidant-rich formulas that use a unique blend of vitamin E, aloe and natural extracts. We have fragrance lotions that moisturize and soothe the skin, leaving you feeling velvety soft, smooth and glowing. Get a perfumed body lotion that is inspired by Philosophy fragrances but is much better for your skin.

We have scented body lotions at beauty brands as well as whipped body creams, a luxurious addition to your after-bath routine that melts into your skin to improve its softness. Indulge yourself with perfume lotion that has sensuous and healing oils from olives and macadamia nuts or shea butter. We have fragrance lotions that help firm the skin and lotions that lock the all-important moisture in. Perfumed body lotion should be part of your skin-care regimen.

With a scented body lotion that dissolves quickly, you are left feeling silky soft, incredibly smooth and ready to go. Try a perfume lotion or a sweet-smelling body emulsion that tones and treats rough, dry and cracked skin, giving it a locked-in moisture treatment. Fragrance lotions will leave you feeling soap-and-water clean, as if you just stepped out of the shower. Whether you need perfumed body lotion, body creams or designer perfumes, we have the beauty products that bring out your best.
Products 1 - 12 of 12