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Fragrance Body Washes & Shampoo Body Washes

Shampoo Body Washes, Liquid Bath Soaps, Shower & Bath Gels

Scented body wash from beauty brands is a luxury, turning every bath into a cocoon of rich, moisturizing lather and delectable and soothing aromas. Fragrance body wash moisturizes and conditions your hair and skin while also appeasing your senses with fragrant delights. Our shampoo body wash strengthens and conditions hair and skin, leaving it silky smooth and healthy looking. With 3-in-1 shower gel, you get everything you need for your shower or bath in one convenient bottle.

Scented body wash from Philosophy gently exfoliates the skin while moisturizing and cleansing so you step out feeling like a new person. Fragrance body wash entices you with scents that range from delightful foods to beautiful flowers to unconditional love. With shampoo body wash in stunning fragrances, you can bathe in sweetness or luxuriate in grace. Our shower gel is a liquid bath soap and bubble bath just waiting to transport you to bliss and contentment.

Scented body wash and shower gel makes every bath into a sensuous experience. Enjoy the fragrance body wash and be transported to a place of pure sensory joy.

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Scented body wash moisturizes and conditions for smooth, soft and healthy-looking skin.

With scented body wash from beauty brands, every shower and bath is an opportunity to luxuriate in rich scents and soothing body soaps. We have a fragrance body wash for every woman, with scents that are soulful, delectable, clean and feminine. A shampoo body wash offers 3-in-one power and convenience so you can sit it on the side of your tub for a shower or a bubble bath. Why have a separate shower gel when our formulas from Philosophy do everything you want in a liquid bath soap and shampoo.

Our scented body wash is a microdelivery exfoliating body wash that is designed to gently cleanse and exfoliate the body. This fragrance body wash moisturizes and conditions with a blend of natural oils and botanicals for smooth, soft and healthy-looking skin. Our choices in shampoo body wash also cleanse, condition and soften hair and skin so you come out of the shower feeling magnificent. Use it as a shower gel or bath gel and delight in the textures and fragrances.

Try out a scented body wash from beauty brands or get one of our thank you sets from Philosophy, which include lip shine and bath gel. Our amazing fragrance body wash selection includes scents that will make you feel surrounded by love and scents that conjure up your favorite foods. Each shampoo body wash is packed with moisturizing agents that smooth and condition hair and skin and cleansing agents that rid you of excess oils and impurities. This is more than shower gel.

Couple a scented body wash with a fragrant liquid bath soap from Philosophy and create your own layers of scent and emotional connection. Our fragrance body wash promises rich, moisturizing lather with flavorful scents that will have you never wanting to leave the bath. We have shampoo body wash that is lightly scented and wondrous body soaps that will have you wrapped in comfort and blissfully relaxed. Try a shower gel from Philosophy and discover what true luxury is.
Products 1 - 7 of 7