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$14.99 Liter Sale save up to 72%
$14.99 Liter Sale save up to 72%

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Dry Body Oil Spray & Scented Body Oils

Body Oils For Women, Perfume Body Oils & Fragrance Body Oils

With dry body oil spray from beauty brands, you get multi-use fragrance body oils that you are going to love. Our body oils for women from Philosophy can be used in the bath for a luxurious soak or applied directly to the skin. Our scented body oils can also be added to the hair, strengthening and conditioning while tackling flyaways and split ends. Perfume body oils take the best scents of designer perfumes and give you a new way to use them.

Our dry body oil spray is an amazingly clean fragrance that will make you feel feminine as you step out of the bath or get ready to tackle the day. These body oils for women use an effective combination of vitamin E, cocoa butter and natural oils to pamper your skin and hair. Layer scented body oils with a favorite lotion or use our fragrance body oils on their own. We have the perfume body oils and online perfumes you want so you can look and feel your best.

Pamper yourself with dry body oil spray in its many uses. Body oils for women are sensuous and feminine and good for your skin as well.

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Dry body oil spray comes in a little but potent bottle to make you feel good.

Dry body oil spray from Philosophy has many uses, and beauty brands wants to help you discover its magic. Body oils for women are a luxurious way to pamper yourself after a bath or to take care of your hair and keep it strong. Scented body oils can be used as bath oils or rubbed right onto the body for a fragrance that lasts. Perfume body oils are another way to capture your favorite fragrances in designer perfumes.

The dry body oil spray from Philosophy is infused with an amazingly clean and stunningly feminine fragrance. Our body oils for women are made with a blend of natural oils, vitamin E and cocoa butter to treat and nourish your body and hair. Scented body oils soften and condition skin and hair so you look and feel your best. All the while, perfume body oils are relaxing your mind with the fragrance of designer perfumes you love.

Dry body oil spray from beauty brands is an amazing hair treatment as well, so try our fragrance body oils soon. Body oils for women can be applied to any type of hair to smooth irritating split ends and tame flyaways that ruin your style. A few drops of scented body oils applied to the hair overnight results in silky and soft hair. Perfume body oils can be applied directly or you can add them to your bath and soak in their heavenly perfumes.

Dry body oil spray is a luxury you shouldn’t go without, and with our selection of easy-to-order online perfumes and fragrance body oils, you don’t have to. Body oils for women have so many uses and so many ways to make you feel sexy and confident. Scented body oils let you treat your body and hair while also enjoying a great scent you love. Get the best perfume body oils from Philosophy and start savoring all that fragrance body oils can do for you.
Products 1 - 4 of 4