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Perfume Rollerball & Fragrances For Women

Women's Fragrances & Designer Perfumes Online

Rollerball perfumes from beauty brands have all the power and confidence of Juicy Couture designer perfumes packed into a convenient traveling size. When fragrances for women fade, a perfume rollerball is there to restore your signature scent. With a perfume rollerball you can put on exactly as much perfume as you like and place it discreetly where you want. We have the best women’s fragrances with our online perfumes so you can order exactly what you want.

Our rollerball perfumes from Juicy Couture are for the woman who is the life of the party and never afraid to stand out in a crowd. Our fragrances for women are sophisticated and yet lively and playful. With a perfume rollerball, you can capture sweet-smelling florals, spicy citruses and warm undertones of vanilla and sandalwood. We have women’s fragrances that are as complicated and individual as you are so you can fall in love with a designer perfume just for you.

Rollerball perfumes make great gifts for a special woman in your life or just to treat yourself. With fragrances for women, it’s nice to have choices on your vanity.

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Pop rollerball perfumes into your handbag and you are always ready to freshen up.

Rollerball perfumes are your answer to always smelling your best, and beauty brands has Juicy Couture designer perfumes you will love. Fragrances for women are a delicate thing, and you don’t want too much or too little. A perfume rollerball lets you apply exactly how much designer perfume you want and put it exactly at the best points to bring out their fragrance. We have the women’s fragrances you want in our online perfumes so you can always have your signature scent handy.

Rollerball perfumes from Juicy Couture have all the essences and undertones of Juicy Couture spray bottles. These fragrances for women are for women who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd, with the cheeky boldness of a girl who marches to her own drummer. A perfume rollerball is the perfect size to throw in a purse for touch ups throughout the day or to put in a cosmetic bag for traveling. Women’s fragrances in rollerballs are infused with the same florals and citruses as in a designer perfume bottle.

Change pace with rollerball perfumes from beauty brands that have the smell of couture, perfect for the glamorous girl who is always the life of the party. Wondrous fragrances for women are infused with warm tones including amber, vanilla, caramel and sandalwood. A perfume rollerball puts it all together in a tiny but powerful package that is easy to carry with you wherever you go. When other women’s fragrances fade, you will still be feeling feminine and confident.

Rollerball perfumes from Juicy Couture are just what you are looking for in convenience and style, and with online perfumes getting what you want is easy. The best fragrances for women make a memorable impact so don’t be left without. A perfume rollerball is easy, discreet and the best way to touch up your designer perfume without anyone the wiser. With women’s fragrances from Juicy Couture in a handy rollerball, you are always in control and ready to be you.
Products 1 - 4 of 4