TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get
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TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get
Item# 9242
Item# 9242
TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get is a texturizing paste that is light, matte, and gives a separated hold that gives a pieced out look that's totally off the hook! Playin' hard to get has never been so easy!

Size: 1.5 oz
Why We Love It:

BB girls love the piecey, texturized look they get from this wonder paste. A soft matte finish gives highlights the spotlight.

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TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get is a paste with the ability to mold, texturize and create separation. Good for short to medium hair lengths.

- Light, matte formula
- Gives a separated hold
- Molds and texturizes hair
- Good for short to medium hair
- Watermelon scent
Remove a small amount with fingertips, rub fingers together then work through hair.
Ingredients: Aqua, (Wate/Eau)Bis-Diglyceryl, Polyacyladipate-2Propylene, GlycolOleyl, AlcoholStearyl, AlcoholIsopropyl, MyristateHydrogenated, Castor, OilPVPEuphorbia, Cerifera, (Candelilla, Cera), WaxCera, Alba, (Beeswax)PEG-8, BeeswaxCeteareth-25VP/VA, CopolymerC18-36, Acid, TriglycerideCetyl, AcetateAcetylated, Lanolin, AlcoholPEG-40, Castor, OilDipentaerythrityl, Hexacaprylate/HexacaprateTridecyl, TrimellitateTridecyl, StearateNeopentyl, Glycol, Dicaprylate/DicaprateLac, (Soy, Milk)Phenyl, TrimethiconeChamomilla, Recutita, (Matricaria), ExtractArchillea, Millefolium, ExtractCymbopogon, Schoenanthus, ExtractHumulus, Lupulus, (Hops), ExtractRosmarinus, Officinalis, (Rosemary), Leaf, ExtractMelissa, Officinalis, Leaf, ExtractAcrylates/C-10-30, Alkyl, Acrylate, CrosspolymerTriethanolaminePhenoxyethanolMethylparabenPropylparabenTetrasodium, EDTAPerfunaloolHydroxyisohexyl, 3-Cyclohexene, CarboxaldehydeBenzyl, alcoholCitralLimone