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NuFACE Optimizing Mist
Item# 13463
Re-energize and hydrate with NuFACE Optimizing Mist. This moisturizing mist freshens skin and makeup for an all-day glow.
Why We Love It:

It neutralizes skin's pH levels so that your skincare products work even better. Bonus: also hydrates, soothes, tightens, and brightens!

NuFACE Optimizing Mist is a hydrating spray for the face and body. This spray is infused with hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin by maintaining moisture in the connective tissue. It is also infused with aloe vera that provides oxygen to the cells, strengthening the skin tissue which helps keep skin smooth and moist. Like exercise, benefits are visible and long-lasting with continued use. Exercise sculpts and tones the body, while microcurrents contour and tone the face. NuFACE is Fitness for Your Face, the easiest workout you ll ever do!

- Hydrating face and body spray
- Infused with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid
- Aloe vera provides oxygen to the cells which strengthens skin tissue
- Keeps skin smooth and moist
- Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin by maintaining moisture in the connective tissue
- Interacts synergistically with NuFACE Gel Primer to keep primer activated and skin moist during the NuFACE Treatment
- Re-energizes skin and makeup for an all-day refreshed look
- Moisturizes and hydrates face and body
- Leaves skin soft and silky