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Julep Plie Wand 4 piece Set
Item# 13791
Why We Love It:

An innovative nail polishing tool that makes at-home manicures easier and more fun? Believe it. This wand helps create manicure perfection.

Create your best manicure yet with the Julep Plie Wand 4 piece Set. The Julep Plie Wand's ergonomic design delivers better manicures with fewer mistakes. The long, balanced handle bends and twists, so you can easily keep your brush steady, even when you switch to your non-dominant hand. The Julep Plie Wand 4 piece Set work easily with other polishes that you currently own. This kit features a magnetic overcap that connects the Plie Wand to any Julep nail polish, and a precision brush that can be used with any nail polish brand.

Set Includes:
- Plie wand
- Precision brush for full polishing of nails
- Dotting tool with a rounded tip for dots, hearts and more
- Striping brush with superfine bristles for French manis, stripes and more
Ingredients: Part of the fun of the Julep Plie Wand is finding out what works best for you. You can experiment with different grips and angles to discover your best polishing experience. After cleaning the protective coating from the Precision Brush, simply dip the brush into your bottle to saturate the brush and then you are ready to polish. For best results, don't submerge the accessories in polish. Pour a few drops onto a piece of foil, dip your tool, and start your design. Before you use the striping brush for the first time, prep it by wiping the bristles with nail polish remover to remove the protective coating. Use nail polish remover to clean your accessories after each use.