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Baxter of California Best Badger Shave Brush
Item# 15769
Soften your beard before shaving using the Baxter of California Best Badger Shave Brush. An essential grooming tool for civilized guys.
Why We Love It:

Lather up a luxurious shave with this brush crafted from 100% natural badger hair. Helps soften up the toughest scruff.

The Baxter of California Best Badger Shave Brush whips up a storm of a lather that softens even the strongest facial hairs. Use this vital grooming tool for a more comfortable shave free from nicks and cuts. The brush sports a classic black and chrome design that's sleek, masculine and sophisticated. Crafted in Germany from 100% real badger hair, this shave brush is both soft on your skin and crafted to last. A wide base makes this pre-shave tool easy to grasp.

- Creates luxurious lather to moisturize skin before shaving
- Crafted in Germany from all-natural badger hair
- Durable handle that's easy to grasp
- Sleek and modern yet timeless design
- Bristles feel soft against the skin
Cleanse facial skin. Rinse the brush in warm water, shake off excess water and then apply Super Close Shave Formula to the top of the brush. Work a thin layer of cream into your beard, using circular brush strokes. For more lather, dip the tip of the brush in water and add more shave cream.