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The Wet Brush Pro Select Hair Brush - Pastel Pink
Item# 16397
The Wet Brush Pro Select Hair Brush - Pastel Pink detangles hair easily without tugging or pulling. Convenient aqua vents in the paddle brush allow for water to drain, making it helpful for applying conditioners or treatments evenly in the shower.
Why We Love It:

This detangling brush glides through dry and wet hair with ease. BBers love to use it to spread conditioner in the shower.

Tame more tangles at once with The Wet Brush Pro Select Hair Brush - Pastel Pink. Featuring a large cushion, this detangling brush smoothes knots with flexible Intelliflex bristles that help prevent hair breakage. Soft yet strong, the bristles also have SofTips that massage the scalp and help stimulate circulation. The paddle brush also helps to evenly spread conditioner or treatments at the salon back bar, or in the shower at home it's conveniently designed with aqua vents on the back that allow water to drain. A blessing for both kids and adults, the brush doesn't pull or tug on wet hair, plus it works ideally for dry hair, extensions and wigs, too.

- Detangles hair easily
- Won't tug or pull hair
- Works on all types of wet or dry hair
- Aqua vents make it suitable for use in shower
- Helps spread conditioners and treatments evenly
- Ideal for both adults and kids
- Helpful tool for salon stylists
- Reduces hair breakage
- Soft bristle tips massage the scalp, promoting circulation
- Also works on extensions and wigs