China Glaze EverGlaze Prep
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China Glaze EverGlaze Prep
Item# 14723
Item# 14723
China Glaze EverGlaze Prep extends the life of your nail color. This clear lacquer preps nails for your favorite hues.

Size: 0.5 oz
Why We Love It:

Start with a great foundation! Prep your nails for long-lasting lacquer color with this smooth base coat.

Start your nails right with China Glaze EverGlaze Prep. This prepping layer helps ensure your favorite China Glaze colors go on extra smoothly and evenly. Allow the base layer to dry completely before applying a lacquer color and enjoy the gorgeous gel-like shine.

- Preps nails
- Applies smoothly
- Helps maintain color life
- Doesn t dull lacquer shine
Apply thin layer of EverGlaze Prep to each nail. Then, apply two thin layers of EverGlaze Extended Wear lacquer allowing to dry completely between each coat. Next, apply one thin layer of EverGlaze Active Top Coat. Finally, allow to dry.