Danielle Midi Vanity Mirror
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Danielle Midi Vanity Mirror
Brushed Gold
Item# 20698
Item# 20698
Danielle Midi Vanity Mirror is a compact-size standing mirror with a true-view and a 5x magnified side.
Why We Love It:

This precious little mirror is perfect for any desk, vanity or dresser.

Danielle Midi Vanity Mirror is constructed as a dual-sided swivel mirror with a true-view and a magnified (5x) reflection to offer ultimate clarity, it enables you to artfully apply your cosmetics and delicately detail the narrower contours of the face. Complete with high-gloss trim and a padded bottom to ensure steady placement with resistance to movement, this petite yet perfectly sized mirror raises the bar on signature staples. Approximately 6 x 10.75 inches.

- High quality mirror
- Dual sided mirror
- 5x magnified