Hot Tools Soft Pillow Rollers
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Hot Tools Soft Pillow Rollers
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Hot Tools Soft Pillow Rollers create long lasting curls while you sleep.
Why We Love It:

Get some zzz"s and get some curls! Roll up hair at night with these foam rollers, and wake up to lush curls.

This set of 14 Hot Tools Soft Pillow Rollers will give you the curls of your dreams! No pins or clips are needed and the packaging is reusable for easy storage.

- Strong, yet comfortable foam
- Easy to use
- Comfortable to sleep in
- No pins or clips needed
Start with damp or dry hair. Comb hair into small sections(depending on roller size). Prep each section with hair spray and roll your hair from ends to root. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the desired hair is in rollers. Wear overnight to set the style. Unwind the rollers one by one. Finger brush your hair and enjoy your curls.