Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Pedi Smoothing Disc
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Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Pedi Smoothing Disc
Item# 18934
Item# 18934
Treat yourself to an at-home pedicure with the Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Pedi Smoothing Disc.
Why We Love It:

This at-home pedicure disc may be your pedicurist's worst enemy. This disc works so well that feet look salon-fresh.

The Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear Pedi Smoothing Disc converts the Soniclear Elite sonic powered cleansing system into an at-home pedicure device. Feet, especially heels and toes, look and feel softer and smoother after just a single use. Compatible with only the Soniclear Elite model.

- Smoothes and softens feet after a single use
- Compatible with the Soniclear Elite model
- Antimicrobial protection against contamination
The Soniclear Replacement Smoothing Pedi Brush is specifically for use on the feet and thick skinned joints. With your Pedi Brush attached, turn your Soniclear on and select the lowest setting. You can adjust the power setting depending upon your skin's needs. The Pedi Brush is designed specifically to be used on clean dry skin. Gently press the Pedi Brush into rough uneven skin using small circular or short back and forth movements. After 20 seconds your Soniclear will beep and momentarily pause signaling you to move to the next area needing attention. When you are satisfied, wash treatment area with warm water and apply a moisturizer to freshly revealed skin. Rinse the Pedi Brush head with warm soapy water.