TIGI S-factor Body Booster
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TIGI S-factor Body Booster
Item# 9254
Item# 9254
TIGI S-factor Body Booster is a plumping spray that gives soft, moveable body and adds lift to your roots.

Size: 6.76 oz
Why We Love It:

"I use this on the days I'll blow dry my hair. When used with a round brush, it gives my fine hair great volume." Aspellerberg, MO

TIGI S-factor Body Booster is a plumping spray that adds volume and control while conditioning and protecting the hair from heat damage. This formula is great for lift at the roots and a leaving hair with a healthy shine.

- Adds volume and control
- Protects against heat damage
- Lifts at the roots
- Leaves a healthy shine
- Watermelon scent
Use in damp hair and blow-dry or apply to dry hair at roots for added lift.
Ingredients: Aqua, (Water/Eau)Polyquaternium-11Alcohol, Denat., (SD, Alcohol, 40-B)PanthenolPPG-20, Methyl, Glucose, EtherHydrolyzed, Wheat, ProteinQuaternium-26Olealkonium, ChlorideDimethicone, PEG-8, MeadowfoamatePolysorbate, 20Parfum, (fragrance)Benzophenone-4Propylene, GlycolMethylchloroisothiazolinoneMethylisothiazolinonePhosphoric, AcidBenzyl, BenzoateLimoneneBenzyl, Cinnamate