Verdant Oils Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil
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Verdant Oils Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil
Item# 21492
Item# 21492
Verdant OilsFractionated Coconut Oil is ideal for all skin types. It is an incredibly light, odorless moisturizer that leaves a minimum greasy residue. FCO is one of the few oils that remain liquid at cooler temperatures, making it an excellent natural makeup remover, daily moisturizer, and carrier oil for any essential oils.
Why We Love It:

Verdant Oils Carrier Oils are great pairs for essential oils - can be used for pillow spray, moisturizers, and are great for all skin types!

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Verdant Oils Fractionated Coconut oil (FCO) has all the benefits of regular or virgin coconut oil, yet stays liquid at normal and cooler temperatures. FCO is created by separating and removing (without any chemicals to worry about) the long chain fatty acids in coconut oil that cause it to solidify at room temperature. Because only the short chain fatty acids remain, FCO does not go rancid and absorbs more quickly without any greasy residue like regular Coconut oil.

Size: 4 oz

-Liquid at room temperature and cooler
-Lightest consistency of all carrier oils
-Absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling smooth - leaves light, greasy residue
-Long shelf life - Doesn t oxidize or go rancid
-Completely soluble with all essential oils
-Kosher and Food Grade
-Benefits all skin types
-Moisturizes skin
-Natural makeup remover
-Deep moisturizer for hair
Use on its own or as a carrier oil for applying essential oils topically.
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil Cocos nucifera
Method: Expression/separation
Absorption: Quick to Average
Origin: USA