Verdant Oils Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
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Verdant Oils Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Item# 21491
Item# 21491
Verdant Oils Ylang Ylang I essential oil (Cananga odorata) is 100% pure and natural. This calming essential oil is used for stress relief, skin car, sleep aid and more!
Why We Love It:

Verdant Oils Essential Oils are the perfect addition to your oil collection - use in a diffuser or directly on skin.

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Verdant Oils Ylang Ylang essential oil is traditionally distilled in segments and has several distinct types depending on when in the process it was distilled. The difference in the grades of Ylang Ylang is the aroma. Ylang Ylang I is one of the higher grades and has a strong sweet floral aroma with hints of citrus. Ylang Ylang I is a kid safe essential oil for children over the age of 2 when properly diluted. This calming and balancing essential oil has many uses for both mind and body.

Size: 15 mL

Primary Uses:
-Balance emotions
-Reduce mood swings
-Relieve stress and promote calmness
-Reduce inflammation
-Soothe and balance nervous system
-Balance respiratory system
-Encourage sleep
-Balance oily or dry skin
-Encourage hair growth and shine
Add several drops to a diffuser or for topical application for ages 5 and up, dilute 4 drops in 1 tsp carrier oil and apply to desired area.
Ingredients: Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
Method of extraction: Steam Distillation
Plant Part: Flowers
Origin: Madagascar